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Tea Sample Giveaway.

To celebrate 4 of my tea blends being finished and posted to Adagio, I am going to give away 8 sample packs that include each of those blends. The packs will be made up of:

Christmas in St. Augustine
Chocolate chip, apple, caramel. Accent: cinnamon

Even though the sun is shining bright and the air conditioning is still on, you’ll want to cuddle up with this sweet noel on a Florida Christmas Eve

Fairy Glen
Raspberry patch, lemongrass. Accent: ginger

You never know what sweet, but still sharp magic could be waiting for you around the next bend in the path.

Capital Confidence
Lapsang souchong, toasted mate, hazelnut. Accent:  lemon balm.

A visit to our nation’s capital can range from somber to manic but it is always exciting. This smoky, nutty blend is highly caffeinated for those always on the go.

Let Your Geek Flag Fly
Mocha nut mate, dewy cherry, hazelnut. Accent: chocolate chips.

Geeks unite and let it all hang out. The geek Mardi Gras, Dragon*Con, is waiting for you. Are you ready to spend all night fangirling about your favorite shows and movies with kindred spirits? Well, caffeinate yourself up and satisfy your sweet tooth with this chocolate cherry bomb.


  • You must be following me and have an open ask box (so I can contact winners).
  • Both likes and reblogs count. Please limit reblogs to 3 times a day so you don’t clog anyone’s dash.
  • I’ll ship anywhere in the U.S. (Sorry to foreign friends, it’s just to expensive to mail food items overseas.)
  • After everything is successfully shipped, I’ll delete the file with the winner’s addresses.
  • Giveaway ends at 10 pm EST on Friday, December 14th.

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